Meet The Lipstick Lens

Hi, I'm Colette! 

Welcome to my little slice of the internet and home away from home, The Lipstick Lens print shop! 

This dream venture of mine is a collaboration between two aspects of my life that are near and dear to my heart - interior design and photography. One of my favorite ways to make a home feel cozy and personal is a combination of family photo's and great art.

Choosing art for your home doesn't have to be complicated or break the bank - with affordable pieces you can truly make a statement on your walls and around your home! 

 The prints in this shop are inspired by my love of color, florals, and interesting architecture. A few trips to London and the UK inspired me to use my camera for more than portrait photography and I'm not mad about it!

 I like to think of my style as feminine and moody with rick, dark tones both in my photography and in my home. This balance strikes my fancy I guess you could say.

 Regardless of your personal style, my print shop offers a little something for everyone and I truly hope you find something you love!